Technical Compounds

Technical Compounds

The Marangoni Group has developed, manufactured and sold rubber compounds since the early 1950s. With its wide range of elastomers it is a solid and reliable player in the processing of rubber and production of compounds. In the tyre industry Marangoni stands out for the design and development of high-performance highly technological compounds like the compounds offering low rolling resistance and outstanding mileage.

Specialist in Compounds

Over time, the tyre-related activities and products were joined by other technical and industrial product sectors. Today Marangoni produces rubber compounds for many key industrial sectors.

Quality Control: The Priority,
Attention to Detail: The Difference

The quality management system is implemented with the selection and accreditation of the suppliers of raw materials and the analysis of the latter upon arrival in order to verify that the supply specifi cations are met. Thanks to state of the art technologies, activators and accelerators used for the production of compounds are automatically dosed in order to ensure repeatability, homogeneity, accuracy, and lack of human error. The dosing and verifi cation system as well as the monitoring stations with bar codes during the entire production cycle enable the full traceability of the product. Our Quality Management System is updated continuously to comply with the EN ISO 9001 standard which leads to homogeneous, consistent, and reliable production.

Custom Solutions

We offer co-design, after-sales technical support, and quick and comprehensive delivery service for a wide range of customized compounds, depending on customer requirements.

Both traditional and special compounds are produced. Thanks to the production capacity of the plants, the effi ciency of the processes, and the bargaining power in the purchasing of raw materials, we are highly competitive: from the planning of the compound through the industrialization and moulding of the fi nished product, even intervening directly on customers’ production lines to solve processing problems and/or settings and calibration of the machines.

Technological Partner

Together with a strong ethical awareness regarding the environment and energy savings, scientific research drives the development of the Group by stimulating innovation and exploration in all operating areas. For this reason, the real heart of the company is the technological laboratory with its state of the art equipment. Besides the usual equipment for the characterization of rheometric parameters (MDR) and for physical and mechanical tests, the laboratory is equipped with an ozonometer, dynamometers, viscometers, durometer hardness gauges, hydrometer, electron microscope, torsional pendulum testers, scratch hardness tester, cold testing equipment, presses and stoves for the preparation of samples, Banbury laboratory mixer, open mixer for industrial characterization of new compounds, TGA and FIT – IR (infrared).

We offer:

The development of customized rubber blends to meet your needs, based on almost all polymers.
The process-related optimization of your recipes in our technical center.
The manufacture of contract blends according to your recipes.
Works test certifi cates according to DIN EN 10204 – 3.1

The processing of almost all polymers according to your wishes and requirements in the following delivery forms:

  • Master batches
  • Plates with and without separating agents
  • Extruded feed strips, endless
  • Granulate for dipped goods, spreadable solutions, extrusion
  • Calendared plates and sheets
  • Extruded strips in the dimensions
    Min: H 10 mm x W 100 mm
    Max: H 40 mm x W 120 mm / H 30 mm x W 400 mm

We can perform the following mixture inspections in our technical center:

  • Mooney viscosity: DIN 53523
  • Density vulcanized material: DIN EN ISO 1183 Part 1
  • Hardness: Shore DIN ISO 7619-1
  • Tensile strength at break: DIN 53504
  • Elongation at break: DIN 53504
  • Tear propagation resistance: DIN ISO 34-1 B
  • Rebound resilience: DIN 53512
  • Abrasion: DIN 53516 Procedure B
  • Compression set: DIN ISO 815 B
  • Hot air aging: DIN 53508 4.1.1
  • Rheometer measurement: DIN 53529

We can also make use of a rubber process analyzer (RPA) for product development and process analysis.