Retread as new

The new precured KONTUR tread - thanks to its base contour - is the first to guarantee that every retreaded tyre has the same balanced profile as a new tyre. KONTUR is so called because the exclusive profiled side wings are perfectly shaped to suit the contours of the tyre shoulders.

Perfect adaptation to the original contour

When fitted to the casing. KONTUR's close conformity to the original tyre contour overcomes even the slightest transverse or longitudinal distortion. KONTUR is perfectly bonded to the original casing, becoming an integral and harmonious part of the whole.

Superior Performance

The advantages of perfect retreading with KONTUR are the superior mileage performance, greater transverse stability of the vehicle and even, regular tread wear. With the added advantage of perfect aesthetic appearance of the retreaded tyre KONTUR is an innovation based on superior know-how and highly developed experience in tyre technology.

Better you take the original right from the beginning!

During vulcanisation of our KONTUR-treads the rubber molecules are formed into the perfect shape which guarantees the lowest profile distortion and the maximum performance.

The result is completely unstressed building, even of cross lug drive axle profiles, without air inclsion and without the need of immediate enveloping as wing treads!

Tyres retreaded with KONTUR-treads give the same road print as new tyres resulting in optimal wear characteristics and performance, which is not achieved using other treads. Tyres retreaded with KONTUR-treads have the same appearance as new tyres.

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